Yoga impacts our lives in different ways.  It can create strength and balance both mentally and physically.  Some proven benefits of yoga include cardiovascular health, strengthening, decrease in depression, promoting positive self perception, and reducing chronic pain.  Incorporating this practice in life is medicine for the mind, body, and soul.


Our Story

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Sisters in law, Annika and Tanya Iliadis, quickly discovered their shared passion for yoga when they first met.  

Annika is the founder of Love Yoga Fest, the first and only yoga festival in Cape Cod, and the former owner of Centerville Yoga & Wellness Center in Centerville, MA.  Annika’s journey with yoga began after reading “Stopping Cancer at the Source” by M. Sara Rosenthal, PH.D. where there was a whole chapter dedicated to yoga as cancer prevention.  This sparked her interest to become a yoga teacher and ultimately to build a career around yoga where she could provide this health benefit to others in a much larger way.

Tanya is a Clinical Pharmacist who has her doctorate in pharmacy and currently practices as an Associate Director of the Clinical Pharmacy Program at Atrius Health.  While she is an educator and advocate of conventional treatment where it is appropriate, she also encourages natural health practices to support an optimal quality of life.  She has practiced yoga for many years and has experienced the healing powers of yoga herself.

Annika and Tanya have fused yoga and the theories of medicine to create Yoga Is MY Medicine.


We do not encourage Yoga as a replacement to conventional medicine when it is needed, but as a practice for prevention or as adjunct to conventional medicine.