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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Even at a young age, while working at my parents restaurant, then later in pharmacies, working on my feet took a toll on my back. With extreme back pains and spasms, I didn’t want to rely on medication to get through the days. I discovered yoga and used it as my prescription. At times of pain, I practiced couple times a day, and at least daily for prevention. It has worked wonders for my back pain. Yoga has restored my physical ability and has helped me have a more balanced life.

After learning and including the physical healing abilities of yoga to my life, I came to understand the importance and gift of being present. This teaching through my yoga practice has helped me be more present as a wife, as a parent, as a daughter, as a family member, a friend, and an employee. Refocusing on being present is always a work in progress for me and having a regular yoga practice in my life, continues to remind me of when and how to be present. Being present allows me to have valuable relationships with those I am honored to have in my life. Namaste #yogaismymedicine

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