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Yoga has been a part of my life for almost 20 years. It started off as a form of fitness, I’ve always loved challenging my body so I practiced hot yoga for over a decade. A disc injury at work put me on the sidelines for over a year. As a way to transition back into my yoga practice, I decided to try restorative yoga classes and slower paced vinyasa classes. I was hooked. I never made the breath and body connection before because I was so busy working out my muscles, these different types of classes changed yoga for me. It became a more spiritual, more meditative practice. A few years ago, yoga changed for me once again. I went through a very difficult time in life and was left lost and depressed. As a way to climb back up out of the dark hole I had dug for myself, I decided to dive into a daily yoga practice. Every morning, in front of our beautiful bay window, I began with still meditation then meditative movement. I saw the veil lifting and the light returning to my heart. The depression was slowly melting away and my mood was lightening. It was then that I realized yoga needed to be a much bigger part of my life. I made the immediate decision to sign up for yoga teacher training and became certified in transformational yoga and bodywork in July of 2018 . The experience was profound and unforgettable. Now, I share my love and passion for yoga with others and guide them on their own healing journey. #yogaismymedicine

Tania Greenwood

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